Toshoji Topics


2024 04 Toshoji Spring Sesshin

2023 12 Toshoji winter Zazenkai

2023 08 Toshoji summer Zazenkai

2023 04 Toshoji Spring Zazenkai

2022 12 Toshoji winter Zazenkai

2022 04 Toshoji Spring Zazenkai

2020 12 Toshoji winter Zazenkai

2020 08 Toshoji summer Zazenkai

2019 12 Toshoji Rohatsu Sesshin

2019 08 Toshoji summer Zazenkai

2019 05 Toshoji Spring Sesshin

2018 12 Toshoji Rohatsu Sesshin

2018 08 Toshoji summer Zazenkai

2018 04 Toshoji Spring Sesshin

2017 12 Toshoji Rohatsu Sesshin
and Dharma Battle ceremony

2016 08 Toshoji summer Zazenkai

2017 04 Toshoji Spring Sesshin

2016 12 Toshoji Rohatsu Sesshin

2016 08 Toshoji summer Zazenkai

2016 04 Toshoji Spring Sesshin

2015 12 Toshoji Rohatsu Sesshin

2015 08 Toshoji summer Zazenkai

More Sesshin photos

  Spring Festival in Toshoji

2019 05

It was a song and performance of a famous Latin song by Latin musician "Peppel & Moko" and others.

2018 05
After sutra and incensing, there was a performance of standard jazz and pop music by 5 ladies sax player
CATS" and a vocal.


  2017 05
Satsuma Biwa (Yoshiko Sakata)
and Koto(Miwa Inaba)

2016 05
 Russian Singer "Ekaterina"

2015 05
Koto in Toshoji

2014 05
Thai dance in Toshoji

International Thai Dance member

2013 05
Jazz in Toshoji

Keio University Jazz member

Buddhist servie for all follower's families

Toshoji master talking

2012 05
Russian folk song
Playing a balalaika and sing and dance

2011 06
Toshoji 70th Anniversary Party

Master speech, Congratulation speech, Japanese drum, Bingo game

2010 05
Hinata Yoshiko and Hinata Osamu
Italian canzone and Japanese children's song

2009 05
Kodo Watanebe Dharma combat ceremony

2008 05
" Tokyo Pipe Band " Bagpipe

2007 05
Flamenco by the Students at Keio University

2006 05
"Inoue takashi and hummingbird" country music

2005 05
Sutra chanting and a playing Jazz

===== OLD TOPICS=======

1999 05 Spring Festival

Service for all followers of Toshoji
Playing "ICHIGEN-KIN".

ICHIGEN means that there is only one string for this musical instrument (Koto).

(Left) Koto Playing.
(Right) BINGO Game         About 100 people came and enjoyed one day.

SanboJi Sesshin in Italy
(Left)    After Sesshin   Memorial Photo
(Right)   During Zazen

(Left) Evening Sutra "BANKA"
(Right) Ceremony for Buddhist "JUKAI"
         After Sesshin one woman received this service.


         P h o t o s  and  E x p l a n a t i o n s


A wedding of the Buddhist rite in Berlin
       Paul (he practiced Zen long time in Toshoji) and Suna were
          blessed by the Buddhist style wedding ceremony.


Opening ceremony of SANBO-JI in Italy